A Natural Approach To Better Health – An Osteopath London Can Help

Are you a frequent sufferer of migraine headaches? Are you suffering from chronic back pain, and traditional medicine hasn’t offered “true” relief? Perhaps you have tightness in your joints, or you are constantly fatigued. Would you like to feel rejuvenated and alleviate your symptoms, without any invasive procedure or synthetic medication to just cover things up?

If you want to get to the root of your medical problems, and do so all-naturally, discover the natural approach of Osteopathy. An Osteopath London can guide you to the natural treatment options that would work best regarding your personal symptoms.

One common problem that people take to an Osteopath London is chronic back pain. Not only are they seeking help, but these people are typically at a loss as to what to do for relief. Back pain has numerous causes, and traditional medicine always focuses on the last resort, surgery.Osteopath London Treatment

While advancements in surgical procedures are important, it is most important to discover what you can do naturally first before you take addictive pills or opt for risky surgeries. Do you get the picture? And, there are plenty of things you can do.

Many people avoid exercise when they have back issues, when in fact exercise is encouraged. However, it is imperative that these exercises be under the direction of a medical professional. That is where an Osteopath steps in to help determine what exercise would help your back. You can find out more about Osteopathy and it’s many benefits through FORM Clinic, who specialise in Osteopathy treatments in London.

Additionally, more than just exercising, you are going to be instructed to not sit in any position for lengthy period. Repetitive tasks can also be a problem, so if you are planning to do anything repetitive, you want to take breaks often and cause yourself to make rhythmic changes.

An Osteopath is going to tell you to make changes to your bed and car seat if needed as well. These are just some of the top tips regarding back pain that an Osteopath is going to teach you. They will show you how to live healthily overall, with a focus on manual medicine, using their hands to increase your overall well-being in so many ways.

Osteopaths can help people with so many different conditions, including arthritis, sports injuries, whiplash, neck pain, childhood development issues and more. An Osteopath works gently to help you overcome these issues, targeting the symptoms naturally and guiding you to a happier and healthier life.

It is disconcerting that modern medicine fails to assert Osteopathy as a first step for people with chronic pain and other issues. While it is considered an alternative form of medicine, it should be your first step when trying to handle these types of medical issues correctly.

Cranial Osteopathy can help patients who suffer from chronic migraine headaches. The Osteopath works to fix mechanical limitations around your skull. If you’re curious about what an Osteopath could do for you and your health issues, give one a call and get started with the initial consultation, which will be an overall assessment of your health as they formulate a plan for your well being.

To find out more about Osteopathy in London, visit: formclinic.co.uk/osteopathy-london

Health and Physical Therapy

Ascended Masters, welcomes you to our new website. This will be a Physical Therapy and Health blog that we plan to maintain to raise awareness of the benefits of physical therapies, like Osteopathy, Chiropractic Physiotherapy.

We will also explore some of the other treatments like Acupuncture, which doesn’t quite fit into the physical therapy bracket, but has been and is commonly used in conjunction with therapies like Osteopathy.


Most Physical therapist are taught a variety of subjects to develop their understanding of the human body during their years studying. This usually includes: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biomechanics, Neuroscience, Clinical Pathology, Psychology, Medical Research, Exercises Physiology as well as Ethics and communication training.

It’s interesting to note that Physicians like Hippocrates and later on Galenus are believed to have been the first practitioners of physical therapy. They encouraged the use of massage and manual therapy techniques, as well as  hydrotherapy to treat people as early as 460 BC.

Modern physical therapy is relatively new, being established towards the end of the 19th century. Initially it started with american orthopaedic surgeons employing women to trained in physical education and remedial exercises to treat children with disabilities. This was really brought to light with the Polio outbreak of 1916 and the injuries of the first world war.  Interestingly Osteopathy was developed several years before this.

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History of Osteopathy

Osteopathy or osteopathic therapy is a specialized physiological examination and treatment of the spine, joints and muscles. This type of spinal therapy has been grossly confused at times with other physiological practices like chiropractic therapy and physiotherapy.

Although the methodologies and target areas are practically the same, an osteopath (medical practitioner specialized in osteopathic therapy) uses a holistic approach to ensure the integrity of the affected area, as well as the entire body.

The practice dates back to the year 1874 when a young American physician and surgeon, Andrew tailor Still, first introduced the idea. Inspired by the numerous medical failures encountered in the treatment of spinal conditions, the ambitious doctor sought to find an alternative method of restoring the body to its normal state with little or no surgery.

It was then that he discovered that the secret to revitalizing the body lay not in the treatment of the affected area, but in the complete assessment of the musculoskeletal framework. Dr. Still built osteopathy around the idea that all of the body’s tissues and cells work in unison to ensure optimum performance.

With his hands, he could touch or massage the entire body to harmonize the physical body, spiritual and emotional aspects of a person to enable a complete healing.

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Osteopathic history did not stop there. As news of this new treatment for illnesses such as arthritis and dysentery spread and more patients flocked to his clinic for treatment, Dr.Still took 22 young students in the year 1892 under his tutorship. In 1900, J Martin Littlejohn (one of Dr.Still’s students), founded the Chicago College of Osteopathy. He later moved on to Britain in 1913 where he succeeded in establishing the British School of Osteopathy in 1917 after tirelessly working for a number of hospitals.

Mr. Littlejohn is accredited for being the pioneer of osteopathic therapy in Europe. A major breakthrough was in 1946 where in London, courses in osteopathy were integrated into the medical courses offered in a number of colleges there.